Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your Style, My Style!

Grandmother Del was a collector of different types, styles and designs of clocks. She has big one, medium size ones, small ones, and even tiny, tiny clocks. I did not realize what the significance of these collections. One day I asked her, and she answered that each of those clocks represents a birth in the family as a way of celebration, and she told me too that those were Mantel clocks. I got to realize that those displayed mantel clocks that completed the look of our cabinets, bookcases or table is replete with history. I got to see some brands that she had....I found out she had Howard Miller Mantel clocks and other top brands like Bulova, a Seiko and Hermle mantel clocks. She also had a collection of handcrafted mantel clocks and mantel clocks with both Key wound and Quartz movements in which, she said where gifts from friends who knew about her collections. Well from what I saw, I got interested. By this year I vowed to start my collection and started browsing around and found this site.mantle clock
According to the manuals, these clocks are practical as they are reasonably priced some are operated by a quartz and some never require winding. They are the most accurate and most do have a chime feature. Movements may last over 20 years without maintenance except for changing battery every few years. Movement replacement is also very reasonable.I would love Mantel clocks that have chiming features like the 4/4 Westminster chime clocks will play:
4 notes on the quarter hour
8 notes on the half hour
12 notes on the three quarter hour
16 note Westminster melody on the hour and then strike the hour.

Got to browse some more so I can enjoy the sounds of it! Come be with me and let's enjoy the adventure of style!

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