Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you one of them?

How many of you felt like everyone is stepping on your boundaries? How many of you heard such phrases like," Why can't you be like your sister?" Or your father deride you in front of others proclaiming, " This son won't amount to nothing!" Another classic phrase would come from a husband who tells his wife, " You're too stupid to get this cooking done!" These phrases are supplied to you over and over again, that the pattern is repeated until the repetition reach it's severity and that the victim will then tell himself/herself, " Well, dad, always say that---why do I care?" "It doesn't matter what you think of me, I think I am not really smart." These lines are attempts at minimizing hurts or damage done in order for the person to go on.

Like other abuses, emotional abuse can be self-defeating, it is a cycle that is passed on through generations. It starts early in one's life that lead to dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors later in life. We have to start understanding abuse in a broader definition. Physical and sexual abuses are seen and visible and are considered severe compared to its other counterparts. Emotional abuse, psychological abuse is always accompanied by physical abuse or sexual abuse. Any of these abuses are damaging and destructive to the victim. See you next blog.

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