Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy moments

These days, moments with my grown up kids are getting rarer. They have built their own world and circle of friends. I and my hubby had only one request from them, that is, they have to set one day a week for family time and bonding. They look forward to these times. This one is a tour in Tagaytay, up, up in the sky. If you are from the Philippines and have gone to Tagaytay, you know what i meant with that. Ksha, my daughter is in second year high school now and Tedd my son is in grade five. I'm gonna miss these moments one of these days...that's why as moms we have to keep an album of their growing up years, it keeps the memories alive. Yummy, yummy pasta, any kind of pasta will do for them: spaghetti, pansit, sotanghon, fenne with garlic, pasta alfredo, etc. I learned how to prepare them and experiment with them to please my pasta loving kids.


  1. Ay, I was there once po at People's Park in the Sky with my brother last summer 2007...Tagaytay is a very scenic place and very cool too...

  2. welcome to mommy moments! :D im glad you joined us!

    mommy moments was created for this very reason because our kids grow up so fast.. we dont want to forget and miss the moments we shared with them...

    looking forward to seeing you again next week!

  3. you have a beautiful kids!wow,tagaytay..maybe someday will visit that place.thanks for adding me up and will follow you is mine po,