Saturday, November 14, 2009

Phantom musician

Some days could just be soooo tiresome and challenging. After what we have done for the past weeks, my body is crying to me to stop for a while. When these feelings come, I just snatch some minutes, watch from my window, up, up, high on the second floor. This is where I perched and watch the world go by. This is not pay per view, it's a free for all, seeing the beauty that God has provided me for free. I hear laughter from somewhere, a hush whisper of a neighbor, a burst of sweet classical music from afar, or a blaring honking of horn from a big truck that just pass by. My favorite music would be from a struggling violin player whom I have heard practicing for months. I have memorized his or her notes and where she or he goes off key. I smile at those moments when he or she strikes it correctly, for I know if he or she pursues the practice passionately, he or she can do it on the world stage one of these days. Notice, here, my usage of the he and the she…I don’t know the gender of my musician and I am not interested to know, it takes away the mysteriousness of it all. One day am gonna meet him or her? I just want to savor and own the moment with my phantom musician. One day and that would be the most exciting day of all…with a big and grand....surprise!!!!…I can say to her or him, hey! congratulations, I am your number fan from afar.

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