Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Face Behind the Veil

I love BOOKS!!! and this one is special. I finally convinced my husband to buy this book from a National bookstore book sale. It talks about the struggles and the extraordinary lives of Muslim women in America. We have to reach beyond our borders to understand people of all races, that’s what we are here for. Muslim women have reach out to the world in order to be accepted. They are active in civil society. Some are fund raisers for government programs, educators, businesswomen, mothers,homemakers, who have done their very best to let the world understand their plight and fight for autonomy. I come to understand and respect these women, their faith and their belief in their family system and religion. Some of them have embrace life beyond the dogma of their religion and have blended in society. I now see them in a different light and I am convince that whatever station we are in life, if we strive to do something about it, we can prevail.Their stories will definitely pull the heartstrings of our souls. It is compelling, edifying and powerful.Read on.

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