Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home is where the heart is.

Today was chilly, the cold breeze just touched my cheeks and with anticipation of days to come, i opened some emails and found friends way back home. I did send them my thoughts for today and saw their beautiful pictures. Nostalgic feelings came pouring in unexpectedly. In my mind ran a gamut of picture perfect memories of what we did before and how we truly enjoyed those moments past. I have to share these pictures so you too my friends got to remember friends from long's nice to be remembered, cause home is where the heart is. The first picture is the the Villarosa family who migrated to Canada two years ago, they were our very good neighbors back home, then Tata who helped us in church and got married to an American guy and finally our cousin Inday who married also and American service man. Miss yah all guys!

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