Monday, November 30, 2009

I can't believe it happened !!!!

Am still totally fazed and angry with what happened to that part in Mindanao where I was born and raised. I love the place for its simple grandeur, its towering mountain peaks, grand canyons, lush greenery. I cannot ask for more, for I have enjoyed its bounty from its fresh fruits and vegetables, to its friendly smiling people, my People. I have never been prouder to say to people i met that i am a Mindanaon.I still am at a lost for words to what happened to our Muslim brothers who got greedy and led out in the taking of precious lives. I was not able to read the newspaper when all of these happened, then a friend asked me about it. I have to run and find a newspaper to reconcile my shock and find the truth. I then called my husband and he also cannot believe what he heard about it. One by one he called friends who knew the brutish news. We, both were silence with what we heard on radio and witness on TV. I literally sob inside and prayed silently this was not happening. But to deny what happened was to deny justice. I join millions of people praying for justice to be delivered fast to this gruesome acts of evilness. I denounced any form of demonic activities such as this one. Let's pray for the bereaved families and in times like this we need God in our lives, He is the only Anchor we can hold on to.

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