Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fave Gift

My favorite thing is not even a thing, but is an activity rarely granted me, and when it's granted or given it really would make my day. It's art museum visits that always would make my day. These are rare moments because we live in the province and we don't have museums there. Opportunity comes when we visit a big city, just like this picture I posted.This is a work of art by a child. I love to see the blending of colors, at times the riot of the harmony, the genius behind the lines and the metamorphos of the subject of the painting drawn. I always want to talk to the painter and ask him/her zillions of questions how he/she did all the effects that conveyed emotions, movement, triumph, joy, pain,wonder and amazement in one painting.One day I want to see paintings of the great masters, here in my place and around the world...who would grant my request, God knows.

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